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June 29-30, 2021
Belgrade, Serbia

Useful Information

Useful Information

Embassies in Belgrade

All contact information of diplomatic missions in Belgrade may be found on the web site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, following the link to a diplomatic list:

Important Phone Numbers

Information Centres of the Tourist Organisation of Belgrade - TOB: Knez Mihailova 56, tel. +381 11 2635-622, Monday to Sunday 09-19h

Airport Belgrade: tel. +381 11 209-4444


The Serbian currency is the dinar (RSD). You can change money in a bank or any of the exchange offices dotting the city (they are marked with the logo of the National Bank of Serbia). Most banks in Belgrade will change travellers cheques, American Express, Thomas Cook, VISA and Eurocheques. Western Union money transfers from abroad can be collected from the post office and most banks. You can buy almost all goods and services with bank cards, and you need cash only for green markets and parking fees. Throughout the city, there is a large number of ATMs where you can collect money 24h. Cards widely acceptable in Belgrade are VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, American Express, Eurocard, Maestro, Diners Club and local DinaCard. Euro is definitely the best currency to take to Serbia. While US Dollar, Canadian Dolar and British Pound will be accepted, the commission fee is far greater than the one for Euro. Please don’t forget to exchange money at the airport if you do not hold any dinars.

Please check the official exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia at the link below.

Local time

Serbia is in the Central European Time Zone: GMT + 1 hours (in winter), GMT + 2 during daylight saving time. When it is noon in Belgrade it is: 11:00 in London, 06:00 in New York and 22:00 in Sydney.

Arriving to Belgrade

Hyatt Regency Belgrade 5*

Address: Milentija Popovica 5, Belgrade


Belgrade Airport is located some 18km west of the city centre, near a place called Surcin. The arrivals hall houses car rentals, a 24-hour exchange office, several ATMs, and a currency exchange machine available in Terminal 1. There is no difference in currency exchange rates at the airport and in the city.

In case of the lost luggage you may contact CENTRAL BAGGAGE TRACING OFFICE, tel: +381 11 2094-854.

Arriving to the hotel from the Belgrade Airport

Option 1 - Taxi ride

First option is a Taxi ride to hotel. There is a Taxi information stand at the international arrivals hall of the Belgrade airport. If you wish to take a taxi to your destination, go to this stand and state your destination. You will be given a voucher with the price you will have to pay the taxi driver once you get to your destination. There are 5 zones with prices ranging from RSD 1,400 to 6,000 (around €12-50). The city center is in the second zone and getting there will cost you RSD 1,800 (around €15). Hotel Hyatt is located in the Zone 1, RSD 1,400 (around €12). Apart from the voucher you will be given a leaflet with information on what to do if the taxi driver charges you more than the amount stated on the voucher. Once you obtain the voucher, exit the building and get the taxi. When you get to your destination, pay the taxi driver the fee stated in the voucher.

Option 2 - Public Transportation

Bus line: 72 

Route: Airport-Zeleni venac Square

Ticket price: RSD 150 (€1.30, tickets can be purchased on the bus) 

Approximate travel time: 30-40 minutes

Stop “Sest kaplara” is 300 meters away from hotel Hyatt

Option 3 - Shuttle bus А1 Mini bus

Route: Airport ‒ Slavija Square (Kralja Milutina Street) ‒ Airport

Ticket price: RSD 300 (€2.60, tickets can be purchased on the bus) 

Approximate travel time: 30 minutes

Stop “Sest kaplara” is 300 meters away from hotel Hyatt


Belgrade lies at the intersection of E-70 and E-75 motorways. Foreign drivers in Serbia need an international driving license, vehicle registration certificate and insurance policy. The valid insurance policies are issued by the signatory countries of the Vehicle Insurance Convention and citizens of other countries are required to buy an insurance policy onentering Serbia. You cannot miss Belgrade, because the motorway runs through the city. The speed limit in the city is set at 50 km/h unless otherwise indicated by speed signs. Permitted Blood Alcohol Level is 0.3 g/l.

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Where to eat ...


Restaurant Kalemegdan Terrace

Mali Kalemegdan bb, +381 11 3282-727, 12-01h

Restaurant Kolarac

Knez Mihailova 46, tel. +381 11 2638-972, 10-24h

Restaurant Manufaktura

Kralja Petra 13, +381 11 2180-044, 09-00h

Restaurant Mala fabrika ukusa

Nebojsina 49a, tel. +381 11 2435-272

Restaurant Sindjelic

Vojislava Ilica 86, tel. +381 11 2412-297, 12-24h

Restaurant Stara Hercegovina

Carigradska 36, tel. +381 11 3245-856, 09-24h, Sundays 10-19h

Restaurant "?"

Kralja Petra I 6, tel. +381 11 635-421, 07-23h

Restaurant Durmitor

Omladinskih brigada 16a, tel. +381 11 2602-330


Restaurant Frans

Boulevard oslobodjenja 18a, tel. +381 11 2641-944, 09-01h

Restaurant Frida

Karadjordjeva 2-4, tel. +381 11 2181-107

Restaurant Klub knjizevnika

Francuska 7, tel. +381 11 2627-931

Restaurant Le petit Paris

Bircaninova 17, tel. +381 11 3621-496, 08.30-01h

Restaurant Little Bay

Dositejeva 9, tel. +381 11 3284-163, 11-01h


Restaurant Madera

Kralja Aleksandra Boulevard 43, tel. +381 11 3231-332, 10-01h

Restaurant Square Nine

Studentski Trg 9, tel. +381 11 3333-533

Restaurant Lorenzo & Kakalamba

Cvijiceva 110, tel. +381 11 3295-351, 12-24h

Restaurant Zabar

Kej oslobodjenja bb, tel. +381 11 3191-226, 12-23h


Restaurant “Ahh… Riba”

Obilicev Venac 27/2, +381 11 2620-442

Restaurant Marinada

Savski nasip 7, tel. +381 11 2274-128, 09-23h

Restaurant Reka

Kej oslobodjenja 73b, tel. +381 11 2611-625, 07-04h

Restaurant Stara koliba

Usce bb, tel. +381 11 3117-666, 09-01h

Restaurant Saran

Kej oslobodjenja 53, tel. +381 11 2618-235

Getting around

Public Transportation

Belgrade does not have an underground railway system, but still its public transport network cover almost all areas. City transport comprises buses, trams and trolleybuses.

There are several types of tickets (image given below):

  • Ticket bought from the driver, at cost of RSD 150 (€1.30);

  • Prepaid paper ticket that is bought at kiosks; it costs RSD 40  (€0.4) and is empty when bought, so you have to put some money on it;

  • Tourist paper ticket is bought at kiosks too; it costs RSD 250 (€2.20) for one day, RSD 700 (€6) for three and RSD 1,000 for five days (€8.50);

  • Prepaid ticket that looks like a credit card; it costs RSD 250 (€2.10) and is also empty when bought; can be recharged to any amount.

All tickets (except those bought from the driver) must be validated on machines inside the vehicle (image to the right). Every time you validate your ticket, the amount of RSD 89 (€0.75) will be subtracted from the total amount on your. Public transport runs from 04:00 to 00:00. During night time, buses run at half-hour intervals. Night buses depart from special stops at the Republic Square towards other parts of the city. The night fare is RSD 150 (€1.30), available on board (you can't use your daily ticket for the night rides, tickets must be bought on board). You are advised to avoid trams if you are in a hurry.

Transport authorities routinely check tickets for validation — especially at peak hours on major lines.

Taxi Services

There are numerous taxi terminals throughout the city or you can flag one down on the street. Most hotels are happy to book a taxi for you with a reputable company and advise on the likely cost of the fare; prices are reasonable whenever you travel, but rise a little after midnight and on Sundays. Official taxis have a blue sign on the roof in contrast to privately owned cabs having a white marker on the top. Also, official taxis have their license plates ending with TX (for example: BG-1234-TX).


Tariff 1

Tariff 2

Tariff 3


RSD 170 (€1.50)

RSD 170 (€1.50)

RSD 170 (€1.50)

Price per km

RSD 65 (€0.55)

RSD 85 (€0.75)

RSD 130 (€1.10)

Waiting per hour

RSD 750 (€6.40)

RSD 750 (€6.40)

RSD 750 (€6.40)

Some Taxi Associations:

Lux taxi, +381 11 3033-123

Pink taksi, 19803

Naxi taxi, 19804

Alfa taxi, 19807

Gold taxi, 19806

Beogradski taxi, 19801

Our recommendations:

LUX Taxi

+381 11 3033-123, +381 65 3033-123

Some can be paid with a credit card, just demand for it.


19803, +381 65 4889-977